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Well it's sometime since the last news update, so here it is.

The writing project with Michael Riesenbeck and Eric Ragno is going well. Four songs are completed and they are :-

Dont Be A Stranger
I Feel Like Dying
So Wrong
What Do You Need But Love ?

This is an ongoing project for us as writers and the purpose is to try and attain a release through an AOR label this year. Melodic Rock.com have tipped it as a very promising release for 2006 , so we'll see what happens as we go.

I am continuing my work with guitar star Tor Talle from Norway and that is going well, too. In fact Scandinavia is playing a big part in my life at the moment, as I have developed a working relationship with Linkan Andersson from Sweden. It was my intention to write a solo album for Z Records for an April release, but it hasn't quite worked out that way. As Linkan is such a prolific writer, I became loaded with material from him and I worked on that more than anything else over the last couple of months. So, we have a change of plan. The next release through Z Records will be:-
' THE ANDERSSON MILLS PROJECT', and the album will be called 'CRANK IT UP !' . It's a mixture of heavy / thrashy backing tracks mixed with commercial vocal approaches, but this is turning darker lately, to the point that it has hints of SIAM appearing in the tracks.
Alex Cooper will be drawing up the artwork for the new album
Tracks written so far are :


I expect to complete the project by April and there is already a download arranged of the first song on AOR DREAMZONES website as a sample.

The other writers that I have been working with for an AOR release are still submitting material and I have seperated it from the Andersson / Mills material as it is considerably more laid back !!!! This will complete a softer album for release through Z later in the year.

My brief trip out with The Sweet was a short but eventful one. All nice guys and a very professional outfit as well. The songs brought back great memories although I was rather hoping to play more heavier material rather than the 70's pop medleys etc. Anyway after a distinct lack of rehearsal, (for which I started to get sick of the sound of my own voice ) the first show fell flat for me and warranted a swap around with regard to who was doing what and this seemed to solve a lot of the problems. Three of the shows were great in Denmark and things seemed to be rocking well. There were unhappy undercurrents though, and after the last night in Copenhagen, we had much discussion in the dressing room and it was decided that we should go our seperate ways. Some of me thinks I shouldn't have embarked on this effective 6 date audition for a world tour, and some of me is glad I did, because it showed up differences between us that could never have been resolved as individuals with their own personalities. Overall, I met a lot of nice people and enjoyed the audiences in Denmark and now it's over. I made a point of not alienating SHY before I agreed to play these shows specifically because I had no intention of calling it a day with SHY and had every intention of fulfilling all commitments that we would continue to accumulate. (And I'm not talking about the Crewe gig that was pulled through lack of ticket sales either.)

SHY have re-established their ties with Oliver Thoens and his partner Mile Moeller in Berlin of ZYX Records and Change Management in the hope of securing some plans for 2006/7 across Europe and The Middle East. We'll keep you updated on the SHY website with regard to this. We have a meeting pending with theses people to come to some agreement, shortly.

The Z Rock show looms closer and I have no doubt the band will be in rehearsal for this show in March. Also the Celtic Warriors bash in June should be good, although SHY have never played a bikers rally, we are also in conversations with regard to the ROCK N BLUES show in Ripley.

Other news is that I have been in conversation with the promoters of both THE SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL and MONSTERS OF ROCK and I am waiting to hear back from both parties whether we can get confirmation on either bill this year.

Sometime in June I will be heading to Norway to play a festival of some of my own material as well as SIAM's and probably SHY songs as well. I'll try and fit the recording of backing vocals to the new WInterstrain album during the same trip, but ' best laid plans' and all that.

The Anthology release through Sanctuary has been received well and sort of set up the Classic Rock 3 pager quite well as a good introduction into 2006 for SHY. We have a lot to do again as a band and it all starts here, so I'd better crack on !

Thanks to all the fans in Denmark who turned up with SHY product for signing etc., and my thanks go to Steven Craven for his continued enthusiasm and support of SHY.

Tony Mills

12 October 2005


12th August 2005

Jesus it's been two months again !


As you may already be aware, Joe has constructed the OFFICIAL website for SHY. A work in progress, he's doing a fine job and you can find it at :-


Rehearsals are coming to an end for the time being as live dates are looming ever closer. Live dates are on the tour page on the new site.
Sanctuary Music have completed the double album release SHY - REFLECTIONS - The Anthology 1983-2005. This album is due for release 21/11/2005.
A full spread in Classic Rock in December will coincide with the album's release as will the bands appearance at the Firefest with House of Lords and Danger Danger on 26/11.


Both solo albums have now been packaged together. CRUISER and FREEWAY TO THE AFTERLIFE are being released today 10/10/2005, as a double album through Z Records. This means that it is no longer available through www.heavyrock.co.uk but will be available through all major retailers worldwide.

Currently writing 3 projects including the new Northern Light album for Tor Talle.

I have recently agreed to write another solo album for release through Z Records in Spring 2006. This album is intended to be a classic mainstream AOR album.
I am involving Mike Cheshire, Tor Talle from Norway, Marcio Tex from the States, Anders Johannsen, Rob Wylde, Joe Basketts, possibly Tony Clarkin, and Charlie G from Hardway in Brazil. For the first time actually, I'm writing for other peoples album's and they're doing the same for me on the music side of things. Very healthy atmosphere.

A new project has commenced also. Having been contacted by Michael Riesenbeck from Holland, I've been asked to co-write an album with himself and Eric Ragno, a great keyboard player from Stateside who plays with Vox Tempus. Also involved is Greg Bisonnette, a renowned drummer from the US.
Again, a predominantly AOR album.


After many months, we have secured a practically worldwide release for the Winterstrain boys from Norway.
The band are in process of signing to Z Records for the release of the 'Return To The Mirror' album which hopefully will hit our shops before too long.
And the sooner the better ! These guys are itching to get the second album finished before the first one gets released !
A success story. Ya cant beat it.

Escape Music

Escape Music from Manchester plan a SURVIVOR tribute album which I've been asked to guest on along with the FM / Virginia Wolf guys.
Not sure of the recording date of this at the moment.


SHY have been approached by Frontiers records in Italy to sign for two new albums. However, with interest from other companies as well, we will not be committing ourselves to any fresh contract before next year.

Hopefully we'll get to talk to many of you at the forthcoming shows, which I am endeavouring to extend as much as I can. This is to the point of signing with an agent who can represent the band and pull decent tours, but nothing is signed as yet.

That's all Folks!

Having been reprimanded by many people, no less than SHY themselves for not having my website updated, I've been kicked into check and here it is !!!

I intended to bring an update to the site earlier than I usually do, but exactly the opposite happened and it's been longer than usual. C'est la vie !


The plans for playing with Harem Scarem are up in the air and nobody knows what is going on there at the moment. However, with the ensuing release of a greatest trax release through SANCTUARY MUSIC, which is a two and a half hour double CD pack, the band are looking at a lot of bookings across the UK and Europe to promote the product for Sanctuary. The album will stretch right through the bands career from 'ONCE BITTEN, TWICE', to 'SUNSET AND VINE'. We may head into the recording studios to re-record some of the tracks from 'MISSPENT YOUTH', due to the sound quality and to put that right for Sanctuary before they press up the album.

Rehearsals have been ongoing for some weeks now, with stand in drummer Alex Cooper who has settled in nicely. Bob Richards arrives in rehearsals in September, ready for shows in October. As a regime of gig listings is about to descend on us, it seems crazy to just print the few that are booked currently, but booked for October are :-

MADRID - Headlining to a four band bill from Spain


Over and above this, we have recognised that an official website with the majority of the members involvement should finally be set up, with official merchandise and recent and ongoing information for people to be able to access. What has gone on in the past, is for the past to know,
and the future of SHY and the communication between its fans will lie here. As and when this site is constructed will be advertised on this site and other inter-connected sites too.


Meetings will be had over the next few weeks to discuss the finer arts of releasing a new SIAM album. Ian Richardson, Andy Faulkner and I believe Marcus Thurston are all in agreement, which only leaves the drummer to find, and ROLF-ERIC NYLAND is the perfect replaced for Pano Moullaris who we lost contact with many years ago, now. Indeed, ROLF_ERIC has already re-planned the drums for 'THE DIGNITY PLAN' which was to be the first track for the next SIAM project. So, we'll keep an eye on that and see how it progresses.


So, after much ado, and some raging reports from the press from New York to Greece, the boys from WS in the Arctic Circle seem to have made a big impression. With no-one signing a lot in Europe at the moment, Roy Davis has agreed to release the album through PHOENIX MUSIC and distribute the album through the CARGO network. MUSIC BUY MAIL are also involved in Minnesota, USA, and will be handling the distribution of the product throughout the USA. (Thanks to Kathy Tozzo from STRIKE UP THE BANDS.NET) So, an all round success really, music from the North Pole finally gets around the world and so it should, RETURN TO THE MIRROR is a fine album that cannot really be criticised by any other musician, on the contrary; they have a lot to teach other musicians with their abilities and their dedication. Check out the drummer's (Rolf-Erik Nyland) interview on STRIKEUPTHEBANDS.NET


After two great shows; one at Cardiff Coal Exchange and the next at The Jamhouse in Birmingham, in which Julia was dynamite and sang remarkably well for someone at the outset of her career, one can only cross one's fingers and hope the business doesn't bury her. She has a great talent, and at the end of the day, I guess there are a lot of people all fighting for the same contract; this has always been the case. She has to fight for success like we all do ( and did) and it's no quick win. She's looking good in GLAMOUR magazine this month as well, check that out !

I am no longer involved with this project, due to various misunderstandings, and that is the end of that. GOOD LUCK JULES !!!! You deserve it babe.


After the great reception worldwide, of 'THE NORTHERN LIGHT' by TOR TALLE, Tor has asked me to get involved with the sequel on a writers basis rather than a session vocalist. This I'm more than happy to do , having really enjoyed the project from beginning to completion. I'll be working on a song with Tor in the coming weeks.

I have no doubt I'll be back on soon enough with other dates to advertise.

PS - Long standing SHY fan Steve Craven came down to meet our family, with his family ! It's a long drive from Scotland, but I guess all that IRN BRU would fire up anybody ! Nice to see you again Steve, say hi to the folks, it was a pleasure.

14th June 2005

Well, I've left you alone for two months, so it's time you had a peek into what's been going on.

SHY are in rehearsal to play UK and European shows throughout this year.
We have a spanish festival with HAREM SCAREM / DARE in October and oddly enough, have been asked to support them in the UK too in September. Shows in Italy, Sweden, Germany and other shows in Spain and the UK are also planned, so maybe some fans will finally get what they've been asking for, for quite a while now.
Sunset and Vine has been received real well and the touring will primarily be to enlighten people with regard to that album as well as venting some of the older material as well. We intend to mix an electric with an acoustic set for these shows.


Norwegian epic metal band Winterstrain asked me to create the backing vocal arrangements and master the finished product with MAGNUM's producer Mark Stuart. The album, 'RETURN TO THE MIRROR', is a combination (for me) of early RAINBOW, DREAM THEATRE and RUSH. Moreover it's a fine piece of work and I am proud to have been involved. I have been asked if I would like to record the next album in Norway with the band and I think I will take them up on that. It's a real progressive project and very deep, too, but I like that shit. So, it's definitely a goer.


Things are hotting up for Julia, as she moves ever closer to being signed, possibly by Polydor.
A Cardiff show this week takes us from rehearsals ( for the last three months) to actually introducing Julia to the live circuit and here we go !
The 17 song set runs for around an hour and a quarter and there is a strong mix of covers and originals written by Julia and writers for Wham and Andreas Jensen from Denmark; a prolific pop/RnB writer.
She is a star in the making, and being deftly handled by Barry Keen, SHY's previous manager.
I've shifted from bass player to backing vocals, which suits me and everyone else fine, so that's that for now I guess.


Tor Talle's album is finished and comes out under the title 'THE NORTHERN LIGHT' It's a strong album with an ex TOTO singer singing tracks as well as myself.
I recorded two lead vocals on the record and it's a classic AOR album. Check him out, he's a great guitarist.

I will endeavour to bring the next update sooner than this one.


20 April 2005

After a month in the rehearsal rooms with Julia Coles for BAK Music, I finally get time to sit down and write an update for the site !

First of all, the solo album is finally finished mastered, and the album is being pressed as we speak. When the first press is complete, you will be able to order them through HEAVY ROCK RECORDS. At the moment, I have decided to only sell it through the net, to cut out the middle man/shop as it were.
The company are found at:-


or you can find them through:


The album is retailing at about £11.50 including post and packaging.

It's a nine track, 47 minute album, so it's not too lengthy.

The albums should land with the distributor in around a month, so you should be able to purchase the album over the net towards the end of May.

It's been a team effort, and everyone who has worked on the record is pleased with the way it's turned out.
Mark Stewart finished the mastering the day before he shot off on tour with Magnum in Europe.

The final track listing for FREEWAY TO THE AFTERLIFE is:-

Salvation In The City
Somebody Up There
The Healer
Dont Hurt Me Anymore
Freeway To The Afterlife

MP3 sample download available Click Here

So, another journey over with, it's been two years in the making. Many new friends have been made in the process, and some great musicians have been discovered. Joe Basketts is a great pianist / keyboard player, and now has become the first choice session player for SHY. I would personally like to thank Joe,
Weazle, Lee McManus, Dave Saylor, Ashleigh Timmins, Jacquie Williams, Sue Clarke, Chris Aldridge, Paul Waring, Steve Harris, Mark Stewart and Alex Cooper for all the work they did on this project. I owe you a drink !

So, SHY are now in rehearsal for Spain, the lousy news at the moment, is that our red blooded drummer Bob Richards may not be able to make the tour due to him being a dad again that very week. Possible session drummer Alex Cooper may save the day, but rehearsals will tell. It's a 17 track show, both electric and acoustic and lasts around an hour and a half.
The press for SUNSET AND VINE is raging from Greece to Russia at the moment, and is receiving very promising chart positions in different countries.

Julia Coles has been busy rehearsing for forthcoming showcases and we are looking to showcase at the Jamhouse in Birmingham in the coming month. The show will include songs that she has co-written with Andreas Jensen from Denmark, material she has self penned and cover versions alike. Interest at the moment is from Mercury and Sony BMG. Mr. Keen has more appointments at Polydor an Warner Music over the coming week. Another showcase is on the cards at Ronnie Scotts in London shortly.

Further news will follow, I'll also post album sleeve pages when the final prints are run.

10 March 2005

Hi All !!

Well I’ve left you alone for quite some time, while I’ve got used to family life again for a while, so I thought it best to drop in and let you know what’s been going on. For all the good hearted souls that have been in touch since Holly’s birth, we thank you. She’s doin’ real well and wails with the best of ‘em. Maybe a budding vocalist, you never know !!

The last few weeks have pretty much been taken up with press for the new SUNSET and VINE release. Reporters from Holland, Sweden, Germany, the UK and Japan have all been on the phone together with live radio stations from both home and abroad. I was particularly enamoured by www.strikeupthebands.net, from New York, who ran a very professional interview. A sign of the times, I guess, but there has been considerably more press on the web than in actual magazines. In many ways, I think that’s a good thing, people get to log on and see stuff on a permanent basis, whereas the ol’ magazines always get screwed up and lost. I think the net’s a good thing.

I was contacted last month by Geoff Nicholls from BLACK SABBATH to see if I was interested in fronting the tour 'WHOLE LOTTA METAL' standing in Tony Martin's shoes in his absence from the tour. I thought about this, and spoke to Tony Martin, who was going to be unavailable throughout the May period of the tour. As it happens, Tony has managed to rearrange his diary and is now able to front the shows hisself. Somehow, I couldn't see myself singing 'Whole Lotta Rosie' , but there you go. It's nice to be considered for these things.

I still haven’t completed the solo album, although half of it is finished mixed. ’Salvation in the City’ came out crackin’ as an opening track for the album, closely followed by an awesome version of Bowie’s ’Somebody Up There’. These are followed by ‘The Healer’ and ‘Airwaves’. The remainder will be re-mixed sometime this month, when Mark Stewart returns from his travels on tour with Magnum.Alex Cooper has done a stirling job of the artwork for the album, so I thought I’d give you a preview of the album sleeve. Here it is :-

click for larger image

So, I need to finalize the mixes as soon as is feasibly possible and establish a marketing medium for the album/ distribution and all the rest of it.

My relationship with our old manager Barry Keen has been rekindled and I am deeply involved with the very talented JULIA COLES once again. Things are slightly different this time though, as I have taken on the role of bass guitarist along with assisting Barry in the day to day management of this rising star. As is my want, Dave (Weazle) Pearce will be playing the forthcoming shows and showcases, along with Joe Basketts on piano and keys. Lee Mcmanus will be covering the guitars and I’m still finalizing the backing vocalists and percussionist. So , if you know anyone drop the website a line ! I will update the site in around a month, or should there be any other news, I ‘ll drop it on sooner.


Finally gettin' back to ya after a busy Christmas period, hope you all
celebrated in the time honoured fashion, I'm sure you did !!

It was getting late just before yuletide to finish the solo album and I
finally gave it up on 23/12. We had got real close to mixing trax when Joe
Basketts came up with another song for the album which I'd been waiting
for, but wasn't sure it was going to make the deadline. I am still in two
minds about the track, it has great possibilities, but it is really down to
how much time I let the project roll on before I say enough's enough. The
track was titled PROPHECY. Having played the board level mixes to people
over the break, the responses have been weird and wonderful ! Cries of 'Hey
man, thats Gospel if ever I heard it', and similar things, really dont
bother me too much, it was a soul feel I was after anyway, and these
mediums all have cross over points at some place. Hell, if I've written a
Gospel album, then what more of a change could you ask for !!!!!

Christmas came and went and my daughter Holly was born on 29/12 at 7.25am.
What a Christmas present. Family are all well and very alive !!

Graham Woodcock,(THE QUEST) owner of CARBON 13 Records and Mastertone
Studios in Runcorn, Cheshire had been in touch over the break and asked me
if I'd like to get involved with a band from Argentina, by the name of
HARDWAY. Backing vocals were the order of the day across the whole album
and to finish it as soon as possible for guess who...Marquee / Avalon in
Japan. Shy's label.
So, I took up the challenge.

It was a pleasant surprise to find Peter Coleman, producer of SABBATH,
THE CHARLATANS and THE CHRISTIANS, running the recording session and we got
on famously. It took about 20 hours to complete all the vocals and we ran
in eight hour sessions. The album has distinct flavours of MR. MISTER and
The quality of the recordings are excellent and i am sure the label will be
more than happy with the finished product.

I have to say that anyone who lives around that area who needs a quality
recording could do a lot worse than record at Mastertone. The studio is
luxurious and the standard of equipment very high. The people are great to
get on with, they even won design awards from the council for the way in
which the studio was built! You'll find CARBON 13 on the net, check 'em out.

The news that SUNSET AND VINE has become top 3 seller through the chains of
HMV and TOWER RECORDS in Japan is great news indeed ! The band have all
been busy on phones and e-mail carrying out interviews with reporters and
media people for Holland, Germany and Japan to promote the album.
But people have all been asking whether SHY will be touring and playing
live to promote the product. I am afraid that question will have to remain
unanswered for the time being, as it's difficult to know.

SO, its back to the solo album. The mixes on the finished ten songs
commence at MAD HAT this weekend. Mark Stewart will be mixing them
'virtually', ie- all inside the LOGIC AUDIO computer program with no real
use of analogue equipment.

People have already tried to order the album. What I'll do is, when the
album is packaged and ready to go, which hopefully wont be too long now,
I'll put a link on the homepage, that will take you directly to the company
that you can purchase the album from.

OK, thanks to everyone who's e-mailed in over the break, let's see what the
new year brings !

Speak Soon..


26 November 2004

Hell, there goes another month !
After the album was finished we hooked up a couple of times for discussion
and drinks regarding the album sleeve and press photos etc.
We decided to take on pro-pics man Mark Hadleigh who we had worked with
many times in the past. He carried out the photo shoot at Roy's
Madhouse rehearsal rooms in Birmingham. Some of the shots will be appearing
on the website soon.

Alex has done a stirling job of the album sleeve, I am very impressed ! In
fact, the Japanese loved the product as we sent it, although the German
label insisted on making
the logo more dominant on the sleeve. Hmm, so now we have two different
sleeves. Oh well, for the collectors amongst you, you'll have to track down
the Japanese import.

So. On with the solo album !!

I moved back into Mad Hat Studios where the SHY mastering was done around
ten days ago. Having completed the songs apart from one, I decided that if
I left it until after Christmas, we may have to put the whole thing back,
and I didn't want to do that. First things first, we transferred all the
work we'd done with the Mac onto another Mac at the studio and abducted
Dave ( Weazle ) Pearce up into the North Wolverhampton coutryside, kit 'n'
all. The first evening was spent solely soundchecking before Mark Stuarts
hard drive blew on the Mac. (Oh for 2" tape again.....) So another hard
drive and two days later, we cracked on with the drum trax and sure enough
the little man with the little yellow kit, finished four superb drum trax
in one session.Weazle's a star. He certainly dont hang about !
There was only one track that I wanted to get onto the album, that we
hadn't finished in time. I guess I'm gonna have to get Weaz back in again
to do that one, as it has a lot going for it.

Sadly, I haven't been able to locate vocalist Sue Clarke. However, an old
colleague popped up when I spoke to Jackie Williams about the sessions.
Dave Saylor used to sing for Roy's old band 'Trouble', before Roy left and
joined SHY. Dave was originally from Texas, and has a great soulful voice.
Different from Sue's but nevertheless blends well with Jackies. Dave also
sang for Series Red before I joined in the early eighties.( There's pics of
me in the rehearsal room blowing sax on the eighties page).
Nowadays, Dave works primarily for the Spanish market as he has had much
success in that part of the world, attaining no.1 hit singles.

Jackie and Dave made light work of the vocals on all of the trax, in fact
they finished three on the first night and the last on Wednesday 24 Nov.
They also did much in the way of ad-libs for the intro's and outro's-to
help create the atmosphere I was after for the whole vibe of the album. I
have since been in the studio working on my own with Mark, re-singing
vocals that I've done at home, and even vocals we mixed a year ago, to
bring all the songs up to the same level and to make 'em all gel together,
as it were !!
Last night we finished the vox on 'Airwaves', 'Salvation in The City', 'The
Healer' and 'Freeway To The Afterlife'. Next Wednesday and Thursday we have
Lee McManus and Chris Aldridge in covering the guitar and sax side of
things. That only really leaves me to re-sing 'Somebody Up There' and
'Sensational' to get better performances.
Then I guess its time to mix the whole damn lot and put it to bed once and
for all ! The remaining track I'm co-writing with Joe Basketts and it will
be the last to get mixed.
I will wait until it's finished before I master the album though, it
belongs on the same project. I wonder whether we'll get all this done
before Xmas ? Well, there's only one way to find out and that's get on with

With regard to the people that have e-mailed the office in respect of
advance orders of the album, your e-mail addresses are being catalogued and
as soon as the product is ready to be shipped from the pressing plant, you
will be e-mailed with payment details etc. Thanks for your support !

If you aren't sure about how to order the album, all you have to do is drop
a line to:-


and we'll do the rest.

I'll be back on with another update in around two weeks.


Well, the album has finally been completed and has been submitted to both
German and Japanese parties alike. The artwork for the sleeve etc is nearly
complete, thanks to the skills of Alex Cooper. 'Sunset and Vine', will be
SHY's nineth album. It seems a lot, but then the band has now been running
for 21 years, maybe it isn't that much afrter all. I'm pleased with the
final result; very similar to 'Unfinished Business' in the main, I think
fans of the band will link the two albums soundwise when all the dust has

Track Listing

High Time
Open Your Heart
Where is The Love ?
Dont Jump The Gun
You could be Dreamin'
I will be Home
First Love
Walk Through Fire

The Japanese release carries a bonus track to fulfil our contractual
commitment, and that is 'No Way Out'.
Steve Wrote all the music except No Way Out which Ian penned.
I penned all the lyrics apart from Walk Through Fire, which Steve wrote.
Joe Basketts saved the day with the transfer from studio to studio and
playing all keys. What a guy, he even came round last night and laid a
superb piano track down for me in an hour. Will definitely be spending some
time with him !

Mastering was finished with Mark Stuart at Mad Hat Studios in Coven,
Wolverhampton. A slight boost to the lower end of the recording and the
removal of some slight sibilence pretty much cleaned it up. We cross faded
track one into track two, and topped and tailed the tracks so that there
were hardly any gaps in between the songs.
This makes the delivery a lot more punchy and upholds the dynamics for me.

So, what else is there to tell ya ?

I've knuckled down to complete the recording of the solo album before
Christmas. I haven't given myself much time, but with the baby to look
forward to, I really need to spend some time with the family. So, I'm
working on three trax at the moment with one left to write. Joe is working
on the piano stuff for me, Dave Pearce (Weazle) will be back in on drums,
Chris Aldridge will be back in on sax, and the two girls, Sue Clarke and
Jackie Williams will be covering most of the backing vocals; saves me doin'
it and they sound better than me anyway !
I'll probably finish most of it in the studio at home and then finish up in
Mad Hat in Coven to lay down the live drums, sax and Bvox.
The album will be available through the website in the New Year, tracks so
far are :-

Dont hurt Me Anymore
Gods Gift

So, I'm working on this on a pretty much daily basis at the moment.
I'll keep you posted on how I get on.

10 September 2004

Well, its now September. I haven't posted any information through August as
so many things have happened during the recording process with Simon Bishop
that it was difficult to tell you what was going to happen next. As much as
my heart wanted to carry on through the whole album with Simon, the simple
practicalities of Simon being unable to carry out the work overruled any
reason to stay with him at Blotto studios in Birmingham. Simon was
obviously unwell for a while. Considering that we began the recording at
the beginning of the year and still hadn't got round to solo's by August
says a lot. The band as a whole decided to move back to Coventry and work
with Andy Faulkner at Sable Rose studios. For me, this was a shame, as I
had great hopes for Simon's mixes. This does not detract from Andy's more
conventional approach, in fact it may have been that Simon's mixes may have
been a little too radical for the AOR market anyway. Andy knows what our
side of the business expect to hear in an AOR album, and is very capable of
delivering it. Not only that, but I got to remake my friendship with Andy,
which is something I have wanted since we fell out a couple of years ago.

There was some cleaning up to do, to ready the recordings for what little
was left to do with vocals etc., and the solos to finally be recorded.

This was carried out a couple of weeks ago now and we have finally started
mixing the trax.

Marquee Avalon in Japan have announced a release date for the new album,
which is titled 'SUNSET AND VINE'. They release it on December 16
throughout Eastern Asia.
MTM in Munich have announced January release date for Europe and the UK.

Other news.........

I am over the moon for Tor Talle who I've sessioned a couple of songs for,
who has been offered a record deal with MTM in Munich ! Now there's a
coincidence .
Tor has suggested we write some more material together, which I think is
probably a good idea. Now the SHY album is nearly finished, I need to get
onto other things, and I still have the solo album to finish. Speaking of
which, my thanx to Apple Tree Graphics in Bromsgrove, who helped me recover
the first half of the solo album after it got stuck on a firewire drive
that became unreadable. You guys saved my ass !

The new solo album will be titled 'FREEWAY TO THE AFTERLIFE'. I guess, if
I'm realistic, then I'll be looking to release this next year now. There's
still a lot to do, in fact I have four or five ideas still to turn into
songs and record them. I may finish the job at Andy's in Coventry. He could
give them a modern edge and give the trax the low edge they need. If there
are vocals I wanna change as well, he's really great to work with to bring
out the best with vox and backing vox.

I have decided to co-write a project with Joe Basketts, who has been
invaluable during the transition from Simon's to Andy's studios with
different software and all the rest of it, as well as being a superb
pianist. I'm not really sure what direction it will take, but my intuition
tells me it will have a commercial angle.

After Pam and myself being understandably down earlier in the year, she is
now expecting a little girl at Xmas. This is wonderful news, and as you
would expect, we cant wait to put the Christmas tree up ! Hell, maybe we'll
do it earlier this year !!!

When SHY's album is finish mixed next week, I'll post another comment and
let you know how it all finished up.

Past News

So, what's goin' on !!

First of all, it was great to hear from Julia Coles, she's just finished
her A-levels - best of luck with that - now you can get on with being a
star !!!!

Well, For the last four weeks I've been head to head with Simon Bishop at
the studios in Birmingham. I'm pretty much done.
I finished the last two songs for the album this week, just for the sake of
it, here's the track listing.

I Will Be Home
No Way Out
You Could Be Dreaming
Where Is The Love
Dont Jump The Gun
Open Your Heart
High Time
Walk Through Fire
First Love

All Lead vox are complete, and so are all backing vox. I'm really only left
with ad-libs to complete when Simon has finished all his transfer
Joe has been working this week on all the keyboard parts and will probably
complete by next week.

So- what's left to do ?

All next week and the following week is lead guitar hell and some acoustic
parts to clean up. Final clean ups and post production will take us to the
mixing stage.
Nearly done. I have no doubt that both record companies will be glad to
hear that. They have their preparation to ready up for and all that side of
things, so I guess they'll be happy when the disc's on the table !

A few hello's -

Hi to:-
Sebastian at MTM
Naohiro Yamazaki @ Marquee Avalon
Augie the rock star
Rolf Eric-Nyland
Tor Talle- Should be finished with the new track over the next week !
Mikk Black- I aint received anything yet !
Aarron Roberts - I haven't forgotten you!
Dean Chambers-Get off this website, ya bugger !

3 July 2004

So, after promising to keep you updated every two weeks, I failed
miserably!! Better make up for it now then.

After what looked like a promising involvement with rising star Julia
Coles, I lost contact with our old manager Barry Keen. Not really sure why,
guess it will remain one of lifes great mysteries. Jesus, how can anyone
lose touch with all the communication mediums we have these days. Anyway,
its happened, and all I can do is wish Julia the best with her career as a
singer/songwriter, you have what it takes babe, so go out and get it !!!!

Tor Talle has asked me to record a second song on his new album, and that
is near completion. 'While There's Still Time', sounds like a crossover
between Dokken and TNT to me, we'll see how that turns out in the next week
or two.

Mikk Black from the States has contacted me to co-write a project with him,
rock based, more on that later.

Much has happened in the SHY camp. Over the last three months, Bob came up
from Wales and completed all his drum tracks in three days !!!! I dont know
whether it was a stroke of genius, or the fact that he couldn't stand being
in Birmingham city centre for any longer than he had to ! Anyway I never
got to see him, but the drums are shit hot and he's done one hell of job.
As usual, after listening to months of click track, the drums have bought
all the songs to life. Hell, not to mention tracks of well recorded guitar!
The engineer Simon Bishop has bought some beautiful acoustic sounds to
life, some of them sound almost synthesized, emulating string sounds! Roy
has been beltin' it out as normal, and Simon is transferring four tracks
over to Logic Audio, for him to complete back at Madhouse Rehearsals while
we get on with the vocals.

I have to say, I haven't really been around during the recording of the
backing tracks, due to family commitments but the amount of work that has
been done by the Ian and Steve is colossal. Well done guys! I should also
mention that Ian is appearing on live TV on July 10 as he has been working
on his vocals. A Thames TV show being broadcasted from the NEC is searching
for vocalists who can sing in the old style (hell, I been doing that for
twenty years !!!!) have asked him to sing live for the show !!!
Dude-they're gonna make you a star !!!

I started Vocals last Thursday,3 June. We spent a day or two settling in,
and started work on 'Open Your Heart'. I spent about four hours tracking
bvox and trying different ideas out for lvox etc. Left with a couple of
things to clean up during transfers in a couple of weeks time, we pretty
much put it to bed. Over the weekend we finished another two songs, 'High
Time' and 'Where is the Love?'. Straightforward, without a hitch. After
which, Simon bid me hit the gas in the Camaro and take him to the nearest
pub, which I duly did. Last night it was sweltering in the studio on
Barford St., and we ploughed through 'First Love'. After we'd pretty much
finished, we discovered a low end feed across trax on the harmonies, that
had bled through from another room somewhere in the building. This meant I
had to sing them all again. Still, no hardship.
I'm left with three lines left to clean up on that song and tonight we'll
tackle the moody track 'I will be home'.

I've always wanted to work with Simon Bishop. I produced demos over ten
years ago when he was engineering for me, and his talent was evident then,
at the time he was twenty three. His skills as a sound engineer have come
on leaps and bounds with the onset of computer aided recording and all that
goes with that. He works with the program NUENDO, which he knows back to
front. Unfortunately, during the recording, Simon broke an arm and two
ribs, which laid him up for a while, but he's on the mend, and we're
working on a daily basis. I guess by the back end of next week, we'll be
looking at finishing all the vocals for the album, and then Steve and Ian
get to show off their lead guitar skills again. God help us !!!

Joe has finished all the programming for the keyboard parts and will be in
the studio with me over the coming weeks for transfers etc.

So, when will it be finished ??????!!!!!!!!

Well, I dont foresee any hurdles, but you never know with these projects. I
reckon we'll be mixing the album at some stage in July. This should pan out
well with MTM in Munich and Marquee Avalon in Japan for their Autumn
releases etc.

I'll post any notes that are of interest during the rest of the recording.

17 March 04

So, February has come and gone and SHY have finally commenced the master
recordings for their 2004 album in Birmingham.
I'm working on lyrics for the last track.

Track Listing so far is:-

Where is The Love
Dont Jump The Gun
First Love
I Will be Home
High Time
Open Your Heart
You Could Be Dreamin'

Steve and Ian are both writing lyrics for one track themselves.
There is already talk of a tour being planned with fellow MTM atristes TNT
later in the year. We'll see how that progresses.

Other news, I have started vocal work on Tor Talle's new solo album. Tor is
a guitar virtuoso from Norway and some nice guitar work there is too !
Currently arranging and singing vocals on ''When I Close My Eyes' on Logic
Audio at home.

Julia Coles showcase was a raging success, bringing a smile to the face of
visitors Scoby Ryder and Colin Graham. These guys work under the banner of
and Plezure Records in London. Scoby is renowned for many achievements in
the music industry while Colin has worked on many arrangements for Wham.
Much interest grows for Julia. Barry Keen is busy chipping away at the
industry and it seems that Julia may be heading for recordings soon. I
personally think a video CD Rom is one of the best ways to attract interest
in new Artistes, and I've been discussing these things with Barry. Julia is
strikingly attractive and very young. With such a remarkable voice, she
wont be a well kept secret for very long.

The songs performed in the showcase were :-

Give Him My Best
Dancin in The Dark
Come Into My Life
Natural Woman

I am looking forward to Julia recording these songs and hopefully they'll
be done in Birmingham again at Rich Bitch in Selly Oak.
I'll be trying to keep the updates on a weekly basis from March onwards,
depends how many things I've got on the go !

Apart from all of these musical matters, my new wife Pam has announced a
new arrival to our family. The baby is due in November.
What a year, and it's only March !


So, now SHY are pretty set to move into the studio to begin recording their
new album. I'm spending my time finalising lyrics and things like that, and
the band are rehearsing the tracks at The Madhouse in Birmingham.
The actual recording start date is 16 February, and we'll be recording with
Simon Bishop in a studio called 'BLOTTO'.
The album is already signed to both MTM in Munich and Marquee Avalon in
Japan. So I guess it wont take long until its available on the shelves in
the UK.
I guess it will take a month or so to complete the work - but hey - famous
last words, the last one took a year and a half..........

Other things going on.......

The main surprise that has swept me off my feet, is that I have encountered
my/SHY's first manager Barry Keen again. I was under the impression that
Barry had disappeared to the south coast forever, but I was wrong. He has
actually built up a very successful business and is still based in the
Midlands. Barry runs
B.A.K. Music Management, a company based in palatial offices in Warwick.
Barry's company are courting several artistes currently, but namely Julia
Coles, a very talented young vocalist from South Wales. Julia has already
gained interest in London and is preparing for an important showcase.

I am quite excited that Barry has asked me to organise the showcase and
construct the band from session musicians that I know. The most obvious
people to involve, were the people who performed so well on my recent solo
recordings. Julia is very into R&B, and the musicians I'm working with,
jump straight into that groove without any real issues. The only newcomer
will be Lee McManus, a jazz guitarist/teacher from Sutton Coldfield. Dave
Pearce will be on the stix, Joe Basketts on the keys, and the brilliant Sue
Clarke and Jackie Williams will be belting out the soulful backing vox.
When the showcase is complete, we'll be putting together a full show for
Julia to take to certain venues. Listening to Julia sing, I'm pretty sure
it wont be long before her name will be on many an A&R mans lips.Knowing
the tenacity of Barry Keen, she'll be sporting her recording contract
before the summer.

An e-mail out of the blue from guitarist Tor Talle in Norway, finds me
possibly guesting on his new Album along with various other name vocalists.
Trax are in the post.
I'll let you know what transpires with that project when i hear the songs.
There'll be more regular updates throughout the SHY album in Feb.

Speak Soon



Hi to all and a Happy New Year, time for an update.

The New SHY album signed to MTM in Munich is nearly finished.
A fairly commercial album all round, with Mr. Harris utilising his new found habit of playing long guitar solos as much as he did on 'Unfinished Business'.

A very, very, guitar based album. However, saying that, we have drafted in a session keys player in Joe Basketts. Joe worked for me on the first half of the solo project and can get the best of a keyboard upside down and inside out. I think Paddy McKenna has moved to Bristol now, so he obviously didn't have any intentions with regard to recording with SHY again. Quite a surprise, really.

We have made moves to record with Sound Engineer and all round sonics whizzkid Simon Bishop.
Simon has recorded several projects that I've helped produce, and is front man to an awesome band called SEVEN CYCLES. I managed Simon for a while in the late nineties and gathered interest in London for him. Above and Beyond this, he is a remarkable sound engineer and I am eager to be working with him again. Simon has his own studio in Highgate, Birmingham and it may be that we record at his place instead of the Music Station afterall.

There are a variety of tempos on the album, but the ballad 'Where is the Love' is a real corker. I like it, I like it !!
'SoulSearchin' & 'Open Your Heart', are two classic AOR mid tempo trax, 'I Will Be Home' a downtempo moody track, 'Don't Jump The Gun', the anthemic track out of them all if there is one, 'First Love' a big harmony fast mover and the other trax are still being finalised.

I have no doubt that Steve Harris will sneak out the album title without me knowing, like he usually does, the crafty sod, so I have no idea about the title as yet.

We look to move into studio sometime around the end of January.

Line Up as before :-

Vocals Tony Mills
Lead Guitar Steve Harris
Lead Guitar Ian Richardson
Bass Roy Davis
Drums Bob Richards
Session Keys Joe Basketts

Its lookin' to be a twelve track album, with a running time of around 60-70 minutes.

I will issue updates to the website as and when we are in the studio.


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