Over the last fifteen years, Tony has worked as a session vocalist for many
artiste's. They range from Rock to Soul, Reggae to Blues.
Through this website, Tony can be contacted to work on projects for your
band / artiste.

Here are a few of the Artiste's that Tony has recorded vocals with as a
session musician....

Cozy Powell
Dante Fox
The Shock
Bob Kulick
Dave Saylor
Tor Talle
Jeff Paris

Whether it's lead vocals, or backing vocals, if you need enhancement or
ideas, you can start the process by e-mailing Tony the office using the link below


If you're in the UK or even outside it, session working is easy.
With the onset of computerised recording, CD's can be recorded and shipped
quickly for re-synchronisation or as finished articles.

Tony is currently having his new studio completed and will be up and
running for session work within July 2004.

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